1995: Creation of Explorer Consulting, a consulting network specializing in the marketing of aerospace technologies. Two offices are created simultaneously, including one in Toulouse (France) and the other in Montreal (Quebec). Over the years, the network grew with the creation of a subsidiary in Germany and another in Japan.

2003: The Explorer Group is bought by Aon, a long-standing client and world-leading insurance broker, particularly in the aerospace and aviation sector. Aon was interested in the extensive network of Explorer Solutions in the airport and space industry. The team is renamed Aon Explorer.

2008: The Explorer team regains its independence. The North American team created Explorer Solutions and continued the group's activities while the European team is sold by the Aon group to various independent firms.

2009: Explorer Solutions opens a US subsidiary, Explorer Solutions Inc. Headquartered in Bradenton, Florida. The firm is also opening a satellite office in Marquette, Michigan. The expansion continues in 2012 with the opening of an office in Ontario to support the strong growth of our operations in this Canadian province.

2015: The Explorer network celebrates its 20th anniversary. 20 years of collaboration with valuable partners and many customers and the launch of a new family of services dedicated to economic development. New expansion in 2016 with the opening of an office in Vancouver to support the expansion of our operations in Western Canada.

2018: Return to the source with the creation of a subsidiary in Europe and the opening of offices in the heart of Toulouse, France, European aerospace capital.

2020: The Loomex Group acquired Explorer Solutions enhancing both companies' service offering to economic development agencies, private sector, government, and Indigenous communities. The union comes as a strategic alliance during the pandemic where the economic toll in communities, specifically in Aviation and Aerospace, requires the innovative solutions and renowned experience in business development offered by both companies to best assist in recovery strategies.


To provide innovative, sustainable and sound solutions to its clients.


Explorer Solutions strives to become a renowned leader in the airport, aerospace, economic development, aviation and space industries.



We develop innovative solutions that enable our clients to remain at the cutting edge in order to sharpen their competitive advantages, reach new heights and meet their objectives.


We adhere to the highest standards of ethics and business conduct. We act with integrity in all we do, always approaching our work with professionalism, protecting our clients’ confidentiality and maintaining absolute independence.


As an influential business leader, we strive to stay on top of industry trends and technology. We are recognized for our expertise and numerous achievements in the airport, aerospace and economic development sectors.


We value and foster a culture of excellence, professional learning and continuous improvement within our team and among our clients and suppliers.