The Loomex Group Expands Horizons with Explorer Solutions


Effective November 2, 2020, Aviation, Aerospace, Compliance and Emergency Management experts The Loomex Group of Peterborough, Ontario, is acquiring Montreal-based Explorer Solutions, known for their services of Economic Development and Airport Planning. The move will further The Loomex Group's mandate to best serve communities throughout Canada and, with Explorer Solutions, enter the global market through the United States and France.

Explorer Solutions will remain its own entity under the parent company of The Loomex Group, enhancing both companies' services with cumulative and superior expertise in the Aviation and Aerospace industry. The alliance will expand upon the existing services offered to economic development agencies, private sector, government, and Indigenous communities in areas of Economic Studies, Innovation and Industry Cluster Development, Feasibility Studies, Market Analyzes along with Emergency Management and Planning, Asset and Infrastructure Management, Education and Compliance.

The union comes as a strategic alliance during the pandemic where the economic toll in communities, specifically in Aviation and Aerospace, requires the innovative solutions and renowned experience in business development offered by both companies to best assist in recovery strategies. The complementary missions and values ​​of The Loomex Group and Explorer Solutions to help build safe, prosperous and sustainable communities will propel the new venture forward with greater offerings available to their clients through their combined resources.

Trent Gervais, President and CEO says of the acquisition, "The Loomex Group is thrilled to bring the team and expertise of Explorer Solutions into our company. Both companies have a lot of synergies in our values, clients and focus on the aviation and aerospace industry . For all of its challenges, the pandemic has created an opportunity to evaluate the business sector landscape and optimize solutions for our clients and communities through this sophisticated development. It's our mission through this acquisition to increase and enhance the leadership we offer and expand our services to fulfill the needs being identified in our communities. "

In an interview last week, Christian Perreault, President of Explorer Solutions says of the move, "The opportunity to align with The Loomex Group came with a compelling vision and leadership statement. Building upon the complementary synergies between The Loomex Group and Explorer Solutions was a natural decision and strategic fit for the continued evolution of our company. The commitment from The Loomex Group to maintain the Explorer Solutions name, entire team and offices in Canada, the United States and Europe, further strengthening this strategic decision. We believe this partnership will help us to provide an enhanced level of both technical and professional solutions that airports, communities and companies are looking for. Our combined knowledge will provide further reach and more expertise to deliver. "

The Loomex Group        

Over a decade ago, The Loomex Group began with five employees and in 2020 they added two significant contracts in the aviation sector, an Indigenous branch, and now Explorer Solutions.

With extensive experience in Emergency Management, The Loomex Group continues to help communities navigate and prepare for emergencies and recently supported Curve Lake First Nation to develop their pandemic coordination strategy. The company is dedicated to working collaboratively with Indigenous communities, building relationships that are grounded in the practice of reconciliation, and ensuring the voices of Indigenous community leaders are heard and protocol respected while bringing industry, community and government together.

The acquisition of Explorer Solutions expands The Loomex Group's services of airport governance, business development, compliance and operational solutions; education and compliance for a wide range of courses and consulting in areas of emergency management and planning, aviation, pandemic management and planning, and perhaps most interesting, emergency exercises custom-designed and offering the opportunity to use their jet simulator.