Explorer Solutions Announces Appointment of Senior Consultant and Airlines Specialist


As demand for our services continues to grow, Explorer Solutions is pleased to have added a new member to our Team. Keith Saulnier has spent the last 2 decades operating a part 702 and 703 Air Taxi operation in Northern Ontario. He has also been an elected member of Parry Sound Town Council for 8 years.

Keith’s extensive experience as an entrepreneur and a politician make him an excellent person to be able to help Airports and Operators alike to develop practices to not only meet regulatory compliance, but to also thrive financially. Keith’s passion for Aviation and Economic Development are easy to see when you spend 5 minutes with him.

Keith would be delighted to speak with you about your Economic Development project at your Airport, Community or Organization, and can be reached by phone at 705-774-6799.

For further information, please see our Press Release. Click here