Feasibility Study and Business Plan for a Honeyberry Farm (Lebel sur Quévillon, Qc - Sawyer International Airport, MI)

Lebel sur Quévillon, Qc - Marquette, MI

Explorer Solutions services were retained to prepare two Feasibility Study and Business Plan for the development of over 2000 acres of honeyberry (haskap). Farms aimed at diversifying the economy of northern communities. The objective was to create new employment opportunities, generate revenues from underutilized lands, and grow the local economy.

In the course of the feasibility studies, our team had to evaluate the sales and distribution network of the regions, the cost and benefit analysis to bring the honeyberries to the distributors and to market. We also looked at the possibility to perform primary and secondary food processing locally to increase product value and generate higher economic benefits for the local community. The financial and operational models to support the launch of activities were also included in the study. From site preparation, planting, growing to harvesting phases, our team evaluate the equipment, facilities, infrastructure and labor requirements and provided detailed cost estimates.