Greater Sudbury Airport (CYSB) Master Plan

Greater Sudbury Airport (CYSB), Sudbury, ON
Airports - Master Plan

Explorer Solutions was part of the team selected to deliver the 2018-2038 Master Plan. Our team was responsible (lead) for the development of the airport profile, air service development strategy, the land use plan, consultations and provided support with the Capital Investment Plan and Phased Development Plan. The Greater Sudbury Airport is a hub for northern Ontario mining activities and hosted over 275,000 passengers in 2018.

Our work also included the highest and best land-use study for the airport airside and groundside lands along with the Terminal. The airport lands were divided into seven parcels. For each parcel, our team provided development options tied to the regional market supported by market analysis, the proposed ownership model, and a complete financial plan which includes required capital investment, available funding program, revenue estimate and expenses. Proposed usage included agriculture, bio-generation, industrial park, a rental car cleaning facility and a commercial service hub on the groundside along with an expanded GA area, commercial aviation service hangars and aerospace manufacturing on the airside.