Since its creation more than twenty-five years ago, the Explorer consulting group contributes to the valorization and marketing of space technologies and applications. Our network of consultants are involved with major European and North American programs, in the telecommunications, satellite navigation, earth observation and access -  of all forms - to space.

The space sector is experiencing a revolution that is simply called the NEWSPACE. Oneweb, Leosat, Blue Origin, Space X, Telesat, Virgin Orbit, Relativity, Planet, Blacksky, Astrocast and many others are renewing the space applications market, from launcher to the operation of satellite networks in orbit.

Space agencies such as NASA, CNES, JAXA or CSA, major manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus Defense & Space, MHI, Thales Alenia Space and Maxar are in the race to adapt to the new situation influenced by actors of the digital revolution and the web that are notably Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Sergeï Brin.

Today, the Explorer Solutions team can accelerate the development of its clients by putting into perspective precious and rare business intelligence, contributing to the detailed analysis of market trends, providing "behind the scene" strategic support and advice and promoting totally exclusive relationships See our related projects

  • Strategic Marketing Consulting
  • Economic and Strategic Studies
  • Market Studies
  • Strategic Intelligence
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Coaching and Strategic Advice
  • Public and Commercial Relations
  • Market trends and Analysis related to "Satellite" and "Launch" Applications
  • Satellite Climate Observation
  • The New Space in France, in the United States, and in Canada
  • Major Satellite Navigation and Internet Programs
  • Fostering European-North American Cooperation
  • Studies Associated with the Evolution of Nanosatellites Markets for Low-Cost Launchers