As the world’s population continues to grow at an exponential rate, the demand for agricultural and agri-food solutions has been under tremendous pressure to keep up with demand, product type and availability, quality, and pricing.

Consumer trends and global economics show people are becoming more aware of and placing an increased importance on food safety, security, traceability, and liability. As a result, food producers, processors, and distributors; grocers and supermarkets; institutional buyers; and restaurants are thinking twice about from whom and from where they source their products. Jurisdictions are now thinking more strategically about how to become further self-sufficient and lesson the dependency on cross-border suppliers of many historically accessible agricultural products.

In more recent years, Explorer Solutions has been assisting municipal and regional levels of government, and industry in thinking more strategically about how to harness local food and the power of the agricultural industry for the purposes of creating and sustaining jobs, diversifying their economy and becoming a more vital part of the agricultural industry and agri-food supply chain.

From preparing the business plan for the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre; to assessing the viability of developing an integrated agri-food distribution and logistics hub on the south shore of Montreal; to undertaking a regional agri-food sector supply chain analysis within the six counties comprising North Central Indiana; and identifying a series of innovative agricultural products in Huron County (Ontario), our team continues to play an important role in supporting regional agricultural supply chain development.

  • Economic Studies
  • Strategic Advice
  • Sector Studies
  • Business Case / Plan
  • Comparative Analysis, Economic Profile and Benchmarking of a Country / Province / Region
  • Demand and Market Analysis
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Feasibility Study
  • Financial Modeling
  • Funding Program Identification
  • Regional Portraits of Agricultural Economies
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) and Programs Analyses
  • Local Food Strategic Plan
  • Highest and Best Land Use
  • Land and Building Identification
  • Strategic Business Intelligence
  • Agricultural Baseline Assessment
  • Agricultural Opportunities Identification
  • Crop Assessment
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Mapping of Regional Food Systems
  • Market Trends and Analysis
  • Partnership Identification
  • Public Consultation (ie: focus group discussions, one-on-one meetings, industry/farmer surveys)