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Keith Saulnier

Senior Consultant and Pilot

  • Air Service Development
  • Aviation and Airport Compliance
  • Operations and Training Manuals Development and Audit
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Keith Saulnier is a seasoned small airline operator, entrepreneur and pilot. He has commercially operated planes on the West and East Coasts of North America, the far Arctic and the Caribbean. Keith co-founded and recently sold a successful 15-year-old seaplane company, Georgian Bay Airways that serviced Northern/Southern Ontario as well as Quebec.

Keith is a senior pilot with 5,500+ hours of flight time. At Georgian Bay Airways, in the role of the Maintenance Manager, he developed Quality Assurance control systems, hired, trained and motivated staff. Keith is also a seasoned writer with Canadian Aviator, Canada’s independently owned magazine for pilots, future pilots and those interested in Canadian aviation and a guest speaker at various aviation events annually.

Being a two-term elected Town Council member has taught Keith how to balance infrastructure and commerce with basic human rights and needs. By taking on the task of reinvigorating the Town of Parry Sound, which led to its first growth spurt in decades, Keith has reinforced his love of taking something wonderful and helping it grow.

Keith’s background in environmentalism works hand in hand with his innate curiosity about the natural world around him. National work in aboriginal engagement and industrial contracting in the mineral sector has allowed him to understand the vast depth of our most precious resources both human and otherwise.

This body of work has left Keith well-traveled and fluent in the business of aviation, industry, culture and human nature. Keith likes to spend his leisure time with his three children and wife exploring, laughing and loving.