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Leadership Team
Laurent Husson

Partner, Vice-President Europe

  • Operational marketing
  • Strategic relations
  • Specialist in European aerospace industry, satellite applications and new space markets
  • "Disruptive" technology projects specialist
  • Territorial economic development strategies.

Laurent graduated from the CPA (a specific high school education and advanced program for Strategic Manager) and holds an MBA from HEC Paris. A graduate of the Paul Sabatier University of Sciences in Toulouse, he has been involved for more than 25 years in the European aeronautics and space sectors, as a strategy consultant, expert in operational marketing and external communication. Laurent was formerly, Vice-President Sales & Marketing of TELESPAZIO (THALES Group), Communication Director of AREVA Technicatome subsidiary, CEIS, specialized in aerospace electronics (leading manufacturer of emergency locator beacons – ARGOS and COSPAS SARSAT, a unique satellite-based system).

Passionate about entrepreneurship, he founded, in Toulouse, in 1988, the first Communication Consulting Firm specialized in the space sector. In 1995, Laurent founded a consulting network on the marketing of the aerospace technologies – EXPLORER that he led until 2003 before selling it to the American Insurance Group AON, and took the lead, from 2003 to 2008, of the aerospace division AON Group (AON Explorer).

He is currently President and Co-Founder of CLIMATE CITY, operator of airborne systems specialized in the observation of urban climate change, shareholder of the Franco-Quebec advertising agency HUMANITE and the disruptive technologies laboratory European XLab.

Laurent created the first magazine on the history of space exploration (SPOUTNIK Magazine), and he is the co-author of several plays on astronautic heroes like Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Sergei Korolev, Von Braun and all the Apollo Program creators. As the Vice-president Europe of the company, Laurent leads the European activities and the space division.