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Roger Solari

Strategic Advisor and Administrator – Explorer Solutions Europe

A graduate of the French Air Force School in 1961, Roger is a professional Air Force Officer specialized in air defense and ballistic missiles. Early in his career, he joined the French Strategic Air Force and was promoted to Commander of a Strategic Missile Squadron. In 1980, as Lieutenant-Colonel, he took the leadership of the Nuclear Division at the Air Force Headquarters, in charge of monitoring nuclear weapons in service and in development. Promoted Colonel, he will complete his career as the second in command in the Air Force General Staff program office.

In 1987, he decided to start a civilian career and joined “Arianespace” as the rocket launch mission chief. After leading four campaigns, Ariane 2 and 4, and taking charge of the technical and operational evaluation team, he was appointed Director of Arianespace and Director of Operations delegated to Kourou in French Guiana from 1992 to 1999.

He joined the Hurel Dubois aircraft construction company as Deputy General Manager and became Chairman and CEO of Hurel Hispano Meudon after the acquisition of Hurel Dubois by the Snecma Group.

In 2003, he retired and established himself as a consulting engineer in the space and aeronautical fields. He has since worked for: Explorer Consulting Company, Aon Explorer, Anewworld and Europeanxlab. He currently co-chairs the Climate City Scientific and Technical Committee and has just joined Explorer Solutions Europe as a company Director.

Knight of the French Legion of Honor and the National Order of Merit, he is enrolled in the Dictionary of Men of the Sky edited by the Academy of Air and Space.